Why are we developing the TezEdge node?

Increasing stability through diversification

Like any blockchain ecosystem, Tezos benefits from an increase in the diversity of its nodes (multiple implementations across a range of different programing languages & operating systems). It allows us to verify that the protocol is unambiguous. It keeps the door open for innovation and secures the honesty of all participants.

Even if there is an attack vector or bug in any of the Tezos implementations, the network will remain intact as there is a diverse range of nodes available.

When multiple teams work on a variety of nodes, it becomes easier to detect and fix bugs before they can negatively affect the ecosystem. Since the responsibility for validating the chain does not lie on any single implementation, bugs are effectively quarantined in a limited subset of nodes and are therefore unlikely to affect the entire blockchain.

Why Rust?

We’re decided to choose Rust for its high level of security, memory safety and prevention of concurrency issues such as race conditions. Another major advantage is the popularity of Rust among developers. For the 4th year in a row, Rust has maintained its number one position as the most beloved language in the annual Stack Overflow global developer survey.

Different users have different preferences for node implementations. Each programming language has its own set of features. Having a diverse range of nodes allows users to select one based on their preferences and needs.